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Michelle & Wayne

So I ask all my couples how they met because I am a sucker for a good story and Michelle and Wayne's was just that. SUCH a good story! They met on Craigslist and neither of them knew about the crazies that can be on there. The chances that they found each other was...

John + Jessica

This epic wedding all started with me wanting to do an inspirational trash the dress shoot. Jessica and her boyfriend, John, agreed to help me by modeling for it and for paying for half of the wedding dress we wanted to trash in the ocean. Months of planning went down...

Darin + Dale

Darin + Dale Just them and the most important people around them for their biggest commitment to each other. Love was not in shortage and thats for sure! Everyones eyes glittered with that twinkle that you only see when love is in...



This Is Us

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a moment to get to know us a little more! We are Jeff and Nicolette and we make up Foto Pop Photography and Videography. When we are not out catching memories and milestones for our amazing clients, you can find us in the ocean with our three wild boys, camping somewhere on a sand dune, or snuggled up into a movie night with popcorn and red vines, of course!

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