Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a moment to get to know me a little more! I am Nicolette (aka Nico) and I am the face + lens behind Foto Pop Photography. I have three boys and THE BEST husdband the universe could have created.  I am beyond obsessed with light and they way it filters through the world so if you find me bouncing around during your session and screaming about the light, its totally normal behavior and I will eventually calm the heck down! My style is relaxed and authentic, we will laugh a lot during our session and it will feel like we are old friends becasue I just adore people and how they make the world spin.  I am a firm beleiver that your photo session should be pleasant, not pushy. When you see your photos, I want them to take you right back to that moment; the smells in the air, the sounds, how you felt and how it all looked to you. I want to wrap up your most special moments, milestones and core memories of your time together so they are locked in time and at your finger tips forever and ever!

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