– what to wear –

For family sessions, I love bright, fresh and clean colors at the beach, or light and soft neutral colors for the mountain and lush jungle areas. Whatever natural background you choose, aim to have your outfits coordinate with each other and not be identical. I find this the easiest to do by choosing 3-4 colors and working along that color scheme to create outfits for everyone. Here are some great tips to go by:

Dress for the location

Let your personalities shine through your choices

Be timeless

Use colors and patterns

Layer if the weather allows for it

Personalize it with accessories

Keep makeup natural, but do wear some

Get your hair cut or colored, go all out!

Shoes matter (when not on the sand)

Bring a change of outfits to mix things up

Remove any chipped nail polish

Limit busy patterns

Say no to characters and logo wear

Dress to compliment your eyes, hair and skin

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